Doctor Who Classic Episodes: First Doctor (Seasons 01-04) [1963-66]

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Doctor Who Classic Episodes: First Doctor (Seasons 01-04)
The first televised incarnation of The Doctor was portrayed by William Hartnell. During Hartnell’s tenure, the Doctor visited a mixture of both stories set in the future and historical events that had no extraterrestrial influence, such as fifteenth century Mesoamerica. In his last story, The Tenth Planet, the First Doctor gradually grew weaker until collapsing and regenerating at the end of episode four.

Some episodes from the 1960s are missing due to the BBC’s 1970s junking policy, and thus their serials are incomplete. The recreations have been included so you can get all the stories. The recreations tend to be animated versions or photos with the original audio.

Season 1 (1963-64)
Verity Lambert was producer for the first season, and retained the position until “Mission to the Unknown”. David Whitaker served as script editor until The Dalek Invasion of Earth.

001 An Unearthly Child aka 100,000 BC aka The Tribe of Gum A 4 episodes Anthony Coburn (and C. E. Webber)[a] Waris Hussein 23 November 1963

002 The Daleks aka The Mutants aka The Dead Planet B 7 episodes Terry Nation Richard Martin & Christopher Barry 21 December 1963

003 The Edge of Destruction aka Inside the Spaceship aka Beyond the Sun C 2 episodes David Whitaker Richard Martin & Frank Cox 8 February 1964

004 Marco Polo aka A Journey Through Cathay D 7 episodes (all episodes missing) John Lucarotti Waris Hussein 22 February 1964

005 The Keys of Marinus aka The Sea of Death E 6 episodes Terry Nation John Gorrie 11 April 1964

006 The Aztecs F 4 episodes John Lucarotti John Crockett 23 May 1964

007 The Sensorites G 6 episodes Peter R. Newman Mervyn Pinfield & Frank Cox 20 June 1964

008 The Reign of Terror aka The French Revolution H 6 episodes (episodes 4 & 5 missing) Dennis Spooner Henric Hirsch & John Gorrie 8 August 1964

Season 2 (1964-65)
Dennis Spooner replaced Whitaker as script editor after The Dalek Invasion of Earth, and edited the remainder of the season apart from The Time Meddler, which was edited by Donald Tosh.

009 Planet of Giants J 3 episodes Louis Marks Mervyn Pinfield & Douglas Camfield 31 October 1964

010 The Dalek Invasion of Earth aka World’s End K 6 episodes Terry Nation Richard Martin 21 November 1964

011 The Rescue L 2 episodes David Whitaker Christopher Barry 2 January 1965

012 The Romans M 4 episodes Dennis Spooner Christopher Barry 16 January 1965

013 The Web Planet aka The Zarbi N 6 episodes Bill Strutton Richard Martin 13 February 1965

014 The Crusade aka The Lionheart aka The Crusaders P 4 episodes (episodes 2 & 4 missing) David Whitaker Douglas Camfield 27 March 1965

015 The Space Museum Q 4 episodes Glyn Jones Mervyn Pinfield 24 April 1965

016 The Chase R 6 episodes Terry Nation Richard Martin & Douglas Camfield 22 May 1965

017 The Time Meddler S 4 episodes Dennis Spooner Douglas Camfield 3 July 1965

Season 3 (1965-66)
John Wiles replaced Lambert to produce The Myth Makers, who was himself replaced after The Ark by Innes Lloyd. Donald Tosh served as script editor until The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve, during which he was replaced by Gerry Davis. Lloyd and Davis retained their roles until the end of the fourth season.

018 Galaxy 4 T 4 episodes (all episodes missing) William Emms Derek Martinus & Mervyn Pinfield 11 September 1965

019 “Mission to the Unknown” aka “Dalek Cutaway” T/A or DC 1 episode (missing) Terry Nation Derek Martinus 9 October 1965

020 The Myth Makers U 4 episodes (all episodes missing) Donald Cotton Michael Leeston-Smith 16 October 1965

021 The Daleks’ Master Plan V 12 episodes (all episodes missing but 2, 5 & 10) Terry Nation and Dennis Spooner Douglas Camfield 13 November 1965

022 The Massacre of St Bartholomew’s Eve aka The Massacre W 4 episodes (all episodes missing) John Lucarotti & Donald Tosh Paddy Russell 5 February 1966

023 The Ark X 4 episodes Paul Erickson & Lesley Scott Michael Imison 5 March 1966

024 The Celestial Toymaker Y 4 episodes (episodes 1-3 missing) Brian Hayles (and Donald Tosh) Bill Sellars 2 April 1966

025 The Gunfighters Z 4 episodes Donald Cotton Rex Tucker 30 April 1966

026 The Savages[b] AA 4 episodes (all episodes missing) Ian Stuart Black Christopher Barry 28 May – 18 June 1966

027 The War Machines BB 4 episodes Ian Stuart Black (and Kit Pedler) Michael Ferguson 25 June – 16 July 1966

Season 4 (1966-67)
Lloyd and Davis remained as producer and script editor. Peter Bryant joined as associate producer for The Faceless Ones, and replaced Davis as script editor for the last four episodes of The Evil of the Daleks.

028 The Smugglers CC 4 episodes (all episodes missing) Brian Hayles Julia Smith 10 September – 1 October 1966

029 The Tenth Planet DD 4 episodes (episode 4 missing) Kit Pedler & Gerry Davis Derek Martinus 8–29 October 1966